A Pain in the Neck

Saving the children from the tunnels – this is a short meditation transcript, in which I use shamanic journeying to the cause of a painful situation and find the solution.
The visions I see are very relevant for me and maybe not so for you but they will provide an insight on the importance of this journey work.

If you suffer from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), please stop reading this personal story and search for Fall Cabal on YouTube or Bitchute, thank you!

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I ask my energy team to help me get rid of the awful pain in my neck, wich bothers me for a few weeks now. It sits at the base of my skull and sends bouts of pain into my skull and my shoulders. Since a few days now, z little ball of pain rests at the right side of my nek.

First I need to explore where the pain in my neck has an attachment to something else. I see an image of a bird tipe with a large beak. He looks like Sam Eagle from the Muppet Show. Feeling the pain in my neck, I see a cord with a sharp root that extends into the earth.
I call my spirit animals to accompany me on my journey.

Together, we travel into the earth. And soon we get to a young child. She has a few rings around her neck. She sits with the African tribe of people with ‘long necks’. But she says to me: “I don’t want that! I don’t belong here!” So I cut the rings from her little neck and I take her with me.

There are also Asian tribes with the custom of elongating their necks by wearing rings. >> See link.

Aafrikaanse maskers

Next on the menu is looking what lies under the visons of this child. I catch a glimpse of a tunnel in an underground base. People swarming in and out.
It is dark inside, not only void of light but it has also a very dark and gloomy energy. But that is dissipating now, because people are there to help.

And suddenly I find myself in a hall in the Whitehouse. Trump is standing to my right, with Melania at his side. She is all dressed in white.

I ask if they will help me save an aspect of me, down in the tunnel. He says: “We’re going to get her, don’t you worry!”

When? “Probably later tonight, when you’re asleep. We have a tremendous amount of help! It is tough but we’ll get there. Sooner than later!”

T&M have such a loving feel and there energy fields are intertwined and extremely large! They hug me. Now they show themselves as large angels. They wrap their arms (wings) around the whole Earth. And they are joined by numerous helpers, from Mother Earth and beyond.

free wallpaper found at wall.alphacoders.com

I say goodby and travel back. I ask my team why I had that vision of the girl with the rings. Wy didn’t they show me the real image?
They say: “We can’t show you that, you wouldn’t bear to see the actual image of her.”

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If you are into energy work, please watch the 3-step process by Magenta Pixie and join thousands of lightworkers around the globe!
– And the pain in my neck you might ask? Completely gone!


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