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The Matrix Resurrections is finally there. Is it a ‘woke’ film or are ‘awake’ forces behind it? A few (unanswered) questions, contemplations or musings and a brilliant analysis of the trailer by a youtuber.

Remover of obstacles

Last night I was listening to a video by Santa Surfing, while repairing a mala for a customer. I had some difficulty with getting the thread through the guru bead.

planeet aarde met ontelbare lichtjes.

Dark to light

Meditatie 11 mei 2020, ergens tussen 22 en 23 uur. Inzet van de meditatie is de bevrijding van de aarde.

President Trump and Melania

A Pain in the Neck

Saving the children from the tunnels – this is a short meditation transcript, in which I use shamanic journeying to the cause of a painful situation and find the solution.

Experiences in Coral Castle

An amazing monumental structure can be found in Florida, that sometimes is compared with the Taj Mahal in India. A stone monument, with the layout of a garden.

Red Feather and the liberation of Earth

Do you sometimes experience a profound fear? A fear that paralizes you? That travels with you, every day? And you can’t rationalize it away, you don’t know where it came from? A big chance that it lies in your past. The past you have forgotten. A different life perhaps. And in this life it surfaces. Because something happens that associates your present state with that old fear. You can read

Photo by NH Chaga

My Journey with Chaga – English version

I drink chaga in order to get rid of my psoriasis. But I feel there ’s a lot more to it. Follow my Journey here in my blog. For the benefits of my international friends it’s in English.  I started chaga a few weeks ago. Why? For years I have tried to deal with the physical aspects of psoriasis. If I am on a low stress level, it is not

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