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An amazing monumental structure can be found in Florida, that sometimes is compared with the Taj Mahal in India. A stone monument, with the layout of a garden. Built from super heavy stones, cut from the coral underground. And all this is made by one man. A man with a desire to transcend his mourning over a lost love, so tells the story. Can that be? Let’s go and find out.

August of 2010, on one of Florida’s hot days with lots of sun in an otherwise overcast hurricane season, I enter the compound of Coral Castle, with two good friends. The day started out cloudy which suited us. The previous day I searched the net for places to explore and Coral Castle popped up. “Blimey”, I thought, “That’s right around the corner”! And, It had been on my list but I had forgotten where in the US it was.

When you visit Coral Castle, you can explore the terrain on your own with a pamphlet in hand. Or you can do the tour with a guide. Our guide is called Acie, a pensionado like you see so many here, still having the need for a job.

You Will be Seeing Unusual Accomplishment, motto Coral Castle

Acie starts with the conventional story, about the monument that Ed Leedskalnin wanted to erect for his sixteen year old fiancée Agnes. Who ditched him a day before the marriage. He tells us about the rich fantasies of Ed, who hoped to win her back with this. We see comfy chairs, hewn out of the coral. With a small pond, a water well, a nice brick house, a mirror and even an uncomfortable chair for the mother-in-law.
A private corner to sit in if you want to contemplate, plus a big table in the shape of the State of Florida for the big family they expect. And also a small table in the shape of a heart, that reminds people of everlasting love. Nowadays people get married there.

Do you want me to tell the real story?

In one of the corners of the compound the rocks are hewn in the shape of the celestial bodies. Sun, Moon, Mercurius.. I forgot our remarks on those celestial bodies. But we get into an animated conversation with our guide. Something triggers him. He looks at us, estimating, and says: “Do you want me to tell the real story?” Yes of course! We suspected all along that this story has other layers.

The naked facts can be read on the main website (even still in 2019 the story of his lost love is prevalent). That fable about his ‘Sweet Sixteen’ is probably brought into the world by Ed himself, to distract from the real facts.  Of course everyone is impressed with the tragic story of a lost love and that he, lovesick, was enormously driven to create a monument for his love. Many documentaries were made about Coral Castle and rockstar Billy Idol wrote his famous song ‘Sweet Sixteen’.
– I won’t post this song here, too dark for me. Billy was reported to be a freemanson and that makes sense if you read along.. The original videoclip shows him wearing  a pendant resembling an Indus Cross.

According to the bio, Ed Leedskalnin was born in 1887 in Riga, Latvia. When 26 years old, he was engaged to Agnes Skuffs, who was ten years younger than he. Her name sounds English, meaning ‘slippers’. So he must have been already in the US. It reads that he lived in Canada, California and Texas, before moving to Florida for his tuberculosis. That he suffered from tbc is confirmed by a number of witness testimonies from people that knew him in Florida. Was this the real reason that he moved there? The climate in California and Texas is not so bad either.. Florida is hot and very humid, hardly a healthy environment for someone with tbc.

Ellis Island

When exactly Ed arrived in the US is not mentioned in the bio. Acie tells us about Ellis Island, where all immigrants from overseas set foot on US soil. They had a big immigration office at that time. The newly arrived had to stay for some time in barracks, until officers decided to which part of the country to send them. Italians were mostly sent to New York and a note was pinned on their clothes that read: “To NY”. So many of them took on the name of Tony!

The peak of arrivals on Ellis Island was in 1907. We assume that Ed came in that year. He was 20 years old.

After he had worked on all kinds of places in the US – no details known – Ed arrived in 1918 in Florida. He lived in Florida City until 1936, where he had begun building Coral Castle. When he heard that large works were planned in the vicinity of his plot, he decided to move.
He found a new plot of land, about 10 miles to the South, in Homestead. The story goes that he didn’t have to pay for the land. He had already hewn out a few blocks of coral stone, weighing several tonnes. He rented a flatbed truck, sent the truck driver out for lunch and when the man came back, the blocks had been loaded on the truck!! Whenever someone asked him how he did it, he said that he knew simple rules for handling weight. No one had caught him in the act. And even later, he took good care that nobody (except for a few children) ever saw him working. His secret had been properly kept.

According to Acie, Ed had once said that he knew how the pyramids in Egypt were built and that he simply applied the same technique.

In Homestead Ed carried on building his monument. He lived soberly and hardly socialized. But when children wanted to play in his ‘garden’ he always laid down his work.

December 1951 Ed became seriously ill with his spread though tbc. He pinned a note on the door:  ‘Gone to hospital’. According to the official story he died three days later, aged 64, in the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Where is his grave? Not in Coral Castle, like he wanted so much. Maybe somewhere on a grave yard for the poor?

Coral Castle, Acie’s version

Acie had done his own research and told us that Ed’s dad or granddad (?) was a highly placed freemason and advisor to the Russian Tsar. And that he was processed through Ellis Island in a blink of an eye. So we can presume that Ed also was a mason.

So let’s leave the official bio and let Acie’s version unfold.  

When Acie explains that the layout of Coral Castle in fact follows the design of a freemasons lodge, we look upon it with different eyes. The high chair of the grandmaster, the smaller chairs for the other initiates. The uncomfortable chair for the mother-in-law is in fact very comfortable if you try it out. You can see that the layout has an inner and outer chamber. The inner for secret meetings, the outer for more worldly affairs. The grand table in the shape of Florida is not for dining but for formal meetings. And this all makes much more sense to me.

Ed was doing his Grand Work, re-designing the Temple of Salomon, which is widely considered to be the first freemason lodge.

Our guide Acie
Our guide Acie at the sundaial: notice the energy form near his neck.

For such an ordinary looking man, with primary school as his only formal education, Ed knew many undisclosed techniques. First the unconventional building techniques, that no one has seen with his own eyes, let alone understood. Everyone knows of the big sundial that shows the hours and even the seasons very precisely. But there is also a moondial in the back wall, only to be seen if you climb on a stone.

The black mirror

So we do the rounds for the second time with Acie, with the new story. I get to look into the mirror, placed alongside a comfortable chair. This is a small water basin with a bottom painted in black. And this is exactly like a shamanic mirror! Concentrate and stare into it for divination. Just like a crystal sphere.

black mirror
Photo: black mirror for divination

Acie directs me to go stand onto an imaginary line in the sand. This is in conjunction with the big telescope, that is exactly aligned with the true north. This line feels like a leyline, a powerful magnetic force in/on the earth. As I stand on this line I can feel the power tugging at me and I feel my body slightly rotating. My body acts as the needle of a compass and I can feel that!

Acie tells that sometimes he places a ‘non believer’ on this line. Most of the times he has to catch the person in time to prevent them falling over. They have to sit for a few minutes to gather their bearings.

Photo’s telescope: If you stare through the hole at the cross in the telescope you can see, in the right season, the North Star.

The Nine Ton Gate is hewn from one piece of coral that weighs… yes, nine ton. And it’s a rotating door! It is placed on a round slab the size of a pizza. The door can be opened by pushing it with only two fingers. It is fenced off because it can’t be used by the public. The mechanism could also been broken at some time in history, I’m not sure.

9 ton gate met gids Acie

Photo 9 Ton Gate:  the energy form indicates that the door can/could rotate for real!

Ed’s house in the corner has two floors. The upper containing his private living space, with vents in the outer walls. When in his hammock, Ed would stay cool in the breeze.

Down below is Ed’s working space where he constructed his alternating current generator (the flywheel). He was the first to have electric lighting in his house but it is thought that he used the flywheel also for entirely different projects.

Acie (A.C. = Alternating Current!) suspects that Ed knew Nicola Tesla. But how and when and where they would have met, remains a mystery. There is a tool board with all kinds of innocent looking and very rusty stuff. Ed made those of scrap iron and they might be draw the attention away from the real action here, generating a magnetic electrical circuit.
A thick iron bar is fixed against the wall. When Acie slides it in front of the door opening and he turns the flywheel, the circuit is closed. We are standing there in a huge magnet! Well, all my atoms are lying orderly arranged after that! Please stop now, because I’m feeling queasy already. My older travel compagnion has departed, he has to sit down for a while..

Photos: the flywheel and one of the very few pictures of Ed Leedskalnin.

At last we walk over to ‘the penance corner’.  Allegedly designed to put Agnes in the corner when she misbehaved! A few standing stones are grouped to form a private space. First thing I notice is the benevolent cool temperature here! Outside in the sun it is a hot 35C/95F. One step into this corner and it’s a fridge! I am dying to cool off a bit. Acie looks at me expectantly: “Sit down and tell me what you experience.” I close my eyes for a quick meditation. I feel an energy flow, coming from the earth and from the cosmos. Up and down. I can connect with the inner earth and the cosmos alike.

“This is a man made stargate,“ I call out. “You’re 100% right,” Acie replies. I stay there for a few private moments, before my travel companions have their turn.

penance corner
Me, meditating in the ‘penance corner’ or stargate!

There are many theories about the true meaning of Coral Castle. I am inclined to believe Acie’s version. A fun fact: it is situated exactly on the land point of the Bermuda Triangle. I try to coax Acie into another terrain because at that time international freemasons are publicly showing their good intentions. Is he one? “Yeah, sure, I am high up”. Doh. The conversiation goes to Obama. A 33rd degree, according to Acie. And Michelle is a member of the Eastern Star. And Obama is groomed for fulfilling several propheties and restoring peace on earth (Uhm, translating this article in 2019 –  this is a matter of perspective, obviously). 🙂

Acie wants to see the true story of Coral Castle brought to the world. Time will tell If he’ll succeed. “Future proves past”. 😉

Thinking of freemasons, with mixed feelings, the energies that I experience in this magnificent place feel very pure. Later, when I look at the orbs in the photos on a bigger screen, I get that feeling again.
By intention, or not, Ed wanted to show the world pure beauty with a high vibration.

Would you ever travel to Florida, don’t skip the world wonder that this is and experience it for yourself!


Photo: water basin with orbs: Nowadays it functions as ‘wishing well’. It sits alongside the upcoming and waning moon. One feminine side and one the masculine. In the water is the star of Salomon. The little spout has a fish, fertility symbol of the Mother Goddess, symbol of Venus, later adopted by Christianity. A double orb on top left, on the right a lens flare from my DSLR. And some other energy forms. Notice the 7 sides of the real orb, the number of perfection, security, safety and rest. 7 Circles in the Flower of Life… holy geometry, divinity etc.

– This article was published first on the Dutch website Wanttoknow.nl.

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