The Matrix Resurrections is finally here. Is it a ‘woke’ film or are ‘awake’ forces behind it? A few (unanswered) questions, contemplations or musings and a brilliant analysis of the trailer by a youtuber. Spoiler alerts are in light blue.

Well, to start with the obvious.. Hollyweird is dead (the movie was shot in California and in Berlin and Potsdam Germany). So who is behind the film? And we see a few of the original cast but not many big other names.

The Wachovski brothers transformed into the Wachovski sisters, one around 2008 and the other in 2016, a bit of a red flag for being in the cult. So the one sister, Lana is responsible for directing an writing, with the other, Lily as co-writer. They didn’t give many intervies and remained somewhat a mystery. Also the star Keanu Reeves has been suspected to be in the cult. Has he freed himself from it? Did they all have an agreement to change sides?

Trailer analysis

The trailer has much symbolism, so look it up! And then watch this interesting analysis. All relevant links are under the video, if you open it in youtube. So far, no spoilers.

Dark to Light

Dark to Light, a phrase seen a lot in the truther communities. A screenshot from the trailer.

While you’re asleep..

Resurrection of Trinity, screenshot of the trailer.

One of the main themes I gather from the movie is if it is ethical to wake someone up who is fast asleep, who has choosen the ‘blue pill prescriptions’. And my goddess, in part 4 they need many more blue pills than before..
What if she is happy where she is at her life? We live in a free will universe, believe it or not. That is why the cabal needs to show their plans. Even if they do it in movies or media, it is our choice to decline, to say no. Unfortunately, most people see this as entertainment. A fantasy. A good thing is that more people are waking up to this concept.

Spoiler alert! They decide to extract her from the pod without plugging her out of the Matrix. A delicate operation.
“While you’re asleep we fight for you” is an important saying within the truther community.

You shouldn’t have used children

You should’nt have used (the) children, screenshot from the trailer.

Spoiler alert! She wakes up and fights. The matrix, using children to keep her in seems to be the tipping point once she breaks free from the trance. Sounds familiar? When do we all break free of our trance? When do we all notice it’s about the children?

Do the flip

So, when we take the red pill, what happens to us? In the movie there are again mainly two realities (besides the construct, wich is shown only once). We have the matrix, which has humanity trapped in the illusion. If you look deeper its not a nice place to be at all, it has zombies, it punishes you if you happen to wake up, if only a little. Or when you’re disobedient tot the rules, it has you punished. All China 3.0 style.
Secondly there is the reality beyond the matrix. An alternative society run by a group of misfits (in the good sense of the word) who manipulate the codes and insert themselves at will in the matrix to fight the opposition?
Is there a conclusion? Neo says he is not ’the one’. So no saviour complex here. But what is the conclusion? Two more humans freed of the matrix?

How about a 180 flip of the situation? What if we go beyond this movie and feel. Feel, feel. Shouldn’t the reality beyond the matrix not be filled with tech and robots? Shouldn’t it be filled with joy and beauty and be natural, organic?

What are your ideas for the world beyond the Matrix?

“All the explanation you need.” Screenshot from the trailer.

So, have you watched it? Or have I?


Bonus spoiler: What about Io? One of moons of Jupiter. Disclosure anyone? Breakaway civilisation? Maybe we shouldn’t look at Io but at Ganymede?


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